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Insanely Intuitive Design

Each component is maximized for usability, so that they don't demand a high cognitive load on users.

Accessible Out-of-the-Box

All component text and cue colors are optimized for both the visually impaired and normal-visioned.

Magical Proportions

Optimal UI uses multiples of six to space and size elements in harmony with the golden ratio.

Light and Dark Modes

Design aesthetically stunning light and dark modes using our smart color system.

Variants and Auto Layout

Modify and enhance component states and configurations with our variants. Resize and arrange them optimally for any screen size with our auto layout.

No Design Bloat

Other UI kits offer too much design bloat in styles that never get used. We provide the optimal version of each component so you don't get lost when designing.

For Non-Designers Too

You don't have to be a designer to use Optimal UI. You can be a developer or non-technical worker and design mockups without designing them.

Free Automatic Updates

No need to download files again for an update. After your purchase, you'll get access to the kit via Figma team libraries.

View All Components in Figma

Support: anthony@uxmovement.com

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Optimal UI for Figma